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Coupon Policies - Kroger

The next store I want to talk about is Kroger.  Now Kroger does not have a corporate coupon policy that is in affect for every store, so I have called my local Kroger to ask what their coupon policy is and the manager told me pretty much the same thing that I will show below.  Now, it is always best to have a hard copy of the coupon policy with you because some cashiers may not know the coupon policy.  So I emailed Kroger's Customer Service and this was the email that they sent back to me.

Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for contacting Kroger regarding our Coupon Policy. Our coupon policy varies by division. The policy for stores in your area is as follows. Please note that this policy is our most current and it is subject to change without notice. For further clarification of this policy, please speak directly to store management.

The store manager has the right to accept, decline or limit the quantity of coupons or items used or purchased in a single transaction, by a single customer, or in a single day.

General Coupon Policy:
* Manufacturer E-coupons will redeem automatically when Kroger Plus Card is scanned and will not be doubled.
* Manufacturers' Paper or Internet 'Cents Off' coupons of $0.60 value or less will be doubled.
* All other Manufacturer coupons will be redeemed at face value.
* All coupon size and quantity requirements must be met and coupons must be in date.
* Kroger will not double 'Free' coupons, Kroger coupons, retail food store coupons, or items prohibited by law.
* Amount of coupon cannot exceed the cost of the item.
* Only 1 Manufacturer coupon redeemed per item, maximum of 8 identical coupons double on any one order.
* Paper Manufacturer coupons and Manufacturer E-coupons cannot be used on the same item.
* Limit of 1 Kroger Coupon and 1 Manufacturer coupon per item. Total redeemed cannot exceed value of the item.
* Catalina coupons are to be used on a future shopping trip.
* Manufacturer Internet coupons up to $1.00 will be accepted.
* "Free" Manufacturers' Internet coupons are not accepted.
* We reserve the right to reject any Internet coupon that is altered or does not scan properly.

Pharmacy Coupons:
* Competitor pharmacy coupons are accepted.
* LCM or competitor coupons may not be used in conjunction with our $4 Generic Program.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please let me know if I can assist you further.


The Kroger Co.
Customer Service
Now I strongly recommend that you contact your local Kroger and see if there are any differences but also I suggest printing this out and taking it with you while you do your coupon shopping.  Also please make note that in their "General Policy" that it states that "Only 1 Manufacturer coupon redeemed per item, maximum of 8 identical coupons double on any one order." but some coupons themselves state 4 like coupons per transaction.  So just make sure that you read the coupon itself as well. 

Now I don't have a lot of tips for shopping at Kroger with Kroger coupons, because they don't generally have Kroger Coupons.  From what I hear they mail them out occassionally to those who shop there frequently, but I have not received any in the last 6 months that I have shopped there on a weekly basis.

Now the main thing about Kroger is that they do have a Kroger Plus Card that allows you to get the items in their ad for that sale price.  So say they have Powerade on sale for $0.79 and they were regularly $1 each.  To get the $0.79 you would have to use your Kroger Plus Card, otherwise you would still be paying $1 for the Powerade.  Now this is a free service and you can sign up in the store and it doesn't take very long and can be very beneficial to you. 

Another perk of the Kroger Plus Card is that you can add e-coupons to your card and then you don't have to have the coupons in hand.  The downside to this is that they do not double.  So if you have a paper coupon for $0.40/1 and an e-coupon for the same $0.40/1 then the paper coupon is more valuable because it will double to $0.80/1 unlike the e-coupon.  So in this case you would not want to add that coupon to your Kroger Plus Card and use the paper coupon instead.  But the upside to this is that they will sometimes have higher value coupons on items like toilet paper than you would normally find in the newspaper or online.

Another perk with the Kroger Plus Card is that for every dollar that you spend you earn 1 point and for every 100 points you can recieve $0.10 off per gallon of gas at Kroger gas stations or participating Shell gas stations.  Recently Kroger has now added that you can receive up to $1 off per gallon of gas when you have 1000 points.  Now these points accrue monthly and you have 2 months to use your points before you lose them.  So if you earn the points in May then you have May and June to use your points towards cash off for gas.  Also, when you purchase giftcards at Kroger you will receive double points for every dollar spent on the gift cards.  Unfortunately if you receive 179 points in May you will only be able to use 100 of those points.  But on the plus side, we as couponers want to spend as little as possible on our groceries so the fewer points we have means that we spent less out of pocket!

Now this is something that I have not tried...but do plan to try on my next trip to Kroger (which will be tomorrow).  According to all of the Kroger commercials you can receive double points for purchasing gift cards.  So my plan is to go in to Kroger tomorrow morning and right off the bat purchase a gift card...say $50.  So I will earn 100 points.  Then I will do my grocery shopping.  At my second checkout session I will spend say $50 total and use that gift card but still get 50 points for using my Kroger Plus Card.  So see below to follow the transactions I will incur.

Transaction #1:
Use Kroger Plus Card
Buy $50 gift card = 100 points earned

Go grocery shopping

Transaction #2:
Use Kroger Plus Card
Spend $50 on groceries and other needs = 50 points earned
Pay with $50 gift card purchased in Transaction #1

So instead of me earning just 50 points from transaction #2 I would earn an additional 100 points for buy a Kroger gift card in the beginning.  Now I have no idea if this will really work or not but I'm going to give it a try.  That $50 gift card would automatically get me $0.10 off per gallon!  I will update tomorrow to let you all know how this goes and if it really works!

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