Saturday, June 11, 2011

Coupon Policies - Walgreens

Now most towns have some sort of pharmacy, whether it be Walgreens, CVS or Rite-Aid.  Which also means different coupon policies.  Now I have to admit that Walgreens is a tougher store to shop at, but I promise it's not too tough!  Walgreens finally made a corporate policy which can be found here.  Now there is a lot of different parts to the Walgreens Coupon Policy because there are a lot of different types of coupons that you can use at Walgreens.  So instead of me just going through the coupon policy I'm going to talk about the different coupons and how to use them.

The first is Manufacturer's Coupons.  Now these can be printed or they can be from newspaper inserts or magazines, etc.  You can use ONE manufacturer coupon per item.  So for example if you buy Banana Boat Sunscreen you can use ONE $1/1 coupon on the item, but if you have TWO $1/1 coupons you must buy two Banana Boat Sunscreens to use both for each item.  Now don't forget these coupons have to be scannable and not past the expiration date.

The next kind of coupon Walgreens accepts are "in-ad coupons", which are found in the ad.  So this week's ad (that ends 6/11/11) had a coupon for All and Snuggle - 2/$7.  Now this wasn't just an item on sale, you had to use the in-ad coupon to get this deal.  Also, take note that Walgreens in-ad coupons have limits on how many you can purchase and be able to use this coupon (see above it states "Limit 4, except in NM").  Now you may also note that it says in red "Coupon savings in most Sunday Papers".  So now is the time to discuss how to use manufacturer coupons and Walgreens in-ad coupons.  So in the 6/5/11 paper there was a coupon for $1/1 All detergent (28 loads minimum) so you would stack this coupon with the in-ad coupon.

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 All detergents (on sale for $4.99)
Use the in-ad coupon for 2/$7
Use 2 - $1/1 All detergent coupons
Final Price - 2/$5
Savings = $5

The next kind of coupon is the Walgreens Instant Value Coupons (IVC) found in the monthly coupon book.  Now these are used like in-ad coupons, BUT you can use them with in-ad coupons AND manufacturer's coupons.  So you could stack IVC, with an in-ad coupon, with a manufacturer coupon...if you have the right coupons.  Now at the moment I don't have a deal scenario to show you of how to do all 3, but I do have a deal scenario of IVC and manufacturer coupons.  See below

Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 Chex Mix (on sale for $1.33 each)
Use the Instant Value Coupon for $0.99/3 (found in the June Savings Book)
Use 1 - $1/2 manufacturer coupon (printed online - no longer available)
Use 1 - $0.50/1 manufacturer coupon (printed online - no longer available)
Final Price - $1.50  for all 3 ($0.50 per bag of chex mix) 

The last type of coupon is the Register Rewards (RR)...which prints at the register from the Catalina machine.  Now these make it a little trickier and are considered manufacturer coupons as well.  You must purchase an item that will print out a catalina coupon and then you can use it on your next purchase.  Also, these coupons generally expire 2 weeks from the print date.  Also, if you buy an item that receives a RR and you use a RR on that item then it will NOT print another RR.  So if you only have one item to buy and it will print a RR and you want to use another RR coupon with it, buy a filler item which can cost $0.49 or whatever the cheapest item is that you can find.  Also, RR's can be used on any item, it is not limited to the brand that gave you the RR in the beginning.  Also, once you get comfortable with shopping at Walgreens you can then move on to rolling over Register Rewards and lower your out of pocket (OOP) costs.

Deal Scenario
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor (on sale for $9.89)
Use the $4/1 coupon found in the 6/5/11 P&G
Final Price -  $5.89 and receive a $5 RR
So it's like getting it for $0.89!

So remember, when shopping at Walgreens you can use 1 manufacturer coupon, 1 in-ad coupon, and 1 IVC per item but cannot have more manufacturer coupons than items.  If you have RRs that you want to use and all your other items already have a manufacturer's coupon to go with them, then buy a filler item!

I hope that this was informative and helpful!

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