Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Savings Tip of the Day

In an earlier post I noted that I do not subscribe to the Sunday paper and here is my why:

There are 2 newspaers in my area that I can get coupons from. Newspaper #1 costs $2 at the gas station and Newspaper #2 costs $1.50 at the gas station. Now #1 is from a larger city and it may have more or higher value coupons in it...I haven't purchased it so I'm not sure. So when I first started REALLY couponing I looked into getting a newspaper subscription and this is what I found out for my area:

Newspaper #1 would cost $11 per month or $2.75/week ($0.75 more than the gas station)
Newspaper #2 would cost $137 for 52 weeks or $2.63/week ($1.13 more than the gas station)

So as you can see, for me, a newspaper subscription (to the sunday only paper) costs more than buying it at the gas station. Take a look at your cost and see if you can't get it for cheaper down the street, it might save you $39-$59 a year!

*Note, prices vary by region and newspaper, these prices are specific to my area only. Newspaper delivery may be cost effective for you.

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