Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Small ramblings

So for the last...I don't know...2 or 3 weeks I have been without my iPhone. I am very dependent on my iPhone, as my friends and family knows. Well here is the short version... I dropped my iPhone in a cup of water....raced to Piggly Wiggly and bought a bag pf rice (now I was at work and already out pf the office so I didn't have my coupons but bought a bag of rice for $0.95 after tax) an immediately got it into the bag of rice. Went to AT&T store they told me sorry upgrade early to the same phone for $ thanks....and the next day we opened up my phone and dried it out the rest of the way. I ended up having to order a new battery for my phone (Amazon for $7.07)...and now it works. So the morale of my story is be more careful with expensive electronics...but if they happen to get wet use rice! And then look for the inexpensive route to fix it before spending WAY too much on anoter that will be obsolete in a few months. I hope someone else will learn from this and no not to panic right away!

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