Saturday, June 11, 2011

Savings Tip of the Day

So here is my savings tip of the day. When driving on a highway or interstate make sure you don't drive faster than 65 (or more than the posted speed). Here is why I say you should do this:

I drive a Saturn Vue and have to drive 25 miles one way to work. This is mostly highway driving but some city driving. I used to drive 70mph on the highway and when I filled up every week I was getting between 22-23mpg. Well I recently started driving 65mph on the highway and I'm now getting 25-26mpg! I know that's not a lot but an extra 2-4mpg generally means an extra day of driving before filling up!

See if you can't leave home 5 minutes early and reduce your speed and save a little extra money at the pump!

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