Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

Okay, so first off I would like to note that this was not one of my better weeks, but I hope that you all can get something out of this.  I left my house a little before 6am to stop and pick up my weekly newspaper (I will talk later about why I don't have a subscription) and clipped out the coupons I planned or wanted to use this week and made it to Kroger around 6:20ish.  Take note that my Kroger is a 24 hour Kroger but they didn't have any cashiers until 7am so I had to use self checkout...not that it makes any difference.  So on to the shopping trips:

Stop #1 - Kroger (OOP $29.86 - saved $7.16 = 20% savings)

Now I mentioned yesterday that I was going to go and purchase a $50 Kroger gift card before I did any of my actual grocery shopping to try to get the double points...well, let's just say I got 0 points!  I guess the double points does NOT include their own Kroger Gift Cards, let alone getting any points at all!  Lesson learned, but I still have a little over $20 to spend for next week.  Okay, so down to the actual couponing and purchase price part, the part that didn't work in my favor.  I ended up spending $29.86 and only saved $7.16, which is only a 20% savings.  I guess it's better than nothing.  I would like to point out that I only had one coupon that I used so $6.16 of that saved price came from the Kroger sales.  I was also out of peanut butter and jelly and we all know that the cost of those are a little pricier so that was an unexpected, out of the norm cost.  The best part of my purchase was the Suave Deodorant that was priced for $1.06 and I had a $0.50 coupon that doubled so I only paid $0.06 for it...too bad I didn't have more of these coupons!  Also, you will notice that most of purchases are Kroger brands, this is because I didn't have any coupons for the brand name items.  Sometimes after coupons you will find that the brand name is cheaper than the store brand, but sometimes the store brand still trumps.  Also, when I went to Walmart to do my last bit of shopping I found bagels for $0.50 I will have to take note for next week.

Stop #2 Walgreens (OOP $9.68 - saved $28.38 = 75% savings)

Okay, so at Walgreens I did 2 transactions in order to rollover my RR.  This was by far my best stop of the morning, and I will go into a little more detail since I did purchase very many items.

Transaction #1
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor - Sale $9.89
Used $4/1 coupon (PG 6/5)
OOP - $6.58 (including tax) + $5 RR

Transaction #2
Dial Body Wash - $2.99
Luster Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste - $4.99
2x Lady Mitchum Deodorant - $2.99 --> $5.98
3x Nestle Crunch bars - $0.39 --> $1.17 (1 is a filler item)
Use $2/1 Dial Body Wash (6/12)
Use $1.50/1 Luster toothpaste (6/12)
Use WAGs $1.99 sale price for Mitchum Deodorant (will take off $2)
Use $1/1 Mitchum Deodorant
Use $0.75/1 Mitchum Deodorant
Use 2 - $0.35/1 Nestle Crunch bars
Use $5 RR
OOP - $3.10 (including tax)

I feel pretty good about that shopping trip.  You can generally buy toothpaste for cheaper than $3.50 but I had really been wanting to try this Luster Whitening kind and it was on sale for $4.99 from $7.99 so I decided I might was well try it out.  Otherwise I thought the prices were pretty good...especially with the 75% total savings!  Now take note that the 75% savings also included the fact that these items were on sale already plus the coupons, so the coupons alone did not get me 75%.  The best way to make use of your coupons is to use them when the item is on sale for the lowest price.

Stop #3 Walmart ($58.65 - coupon savings $4.06)

So as you may notice again I did buy Great Value dish detergent, I didn't have any good higher value coupons to use on brand name products.  My favorite deal was the Dramamine (that I will be putting to good use in the near future).  I had 2 - $1.50/1 coupons that I printed from, making each pack $2.02.  Now, my fiance pointed out that the Walmart brand was $4.62 for 100 tablets, but I didn't have use for that many and decided to save my $0.58 and bought the name brand instead. (Plus I have no idea if it was the less drowsy kind).  Also, that little blue thing you see (soap loofa) on there is an extra $2 buy, that is not part of my normal shopping trip.  Now I also had to buy an oil filter because I am in need of an oil change but I got off of the pack a $4 rebate if I purchase an oil filter and an air filter to use by the end of the year.  So I figure I will probably be in need of a new air filter at some point this year (which will cost around $16), and will have to change my oil ($6.44) again at some point, so I'm going to hang on to my little rebate to use for future use.  Also, I did buy a 40lb bag of Pedigree dog food that is not pictured.  I did not have any coupons to use on the dog food BUT the bag did come with $10 in Pedigree coupons and one was for $4 off a bag of dog food, so I will be able to put that to good use next month!  Which will take the $22 bag of dog food down to $18!  Woohoo!

Okay, so like I stated before this week's grocery trip wasn't the most successful, but you have to learn to move on.  I still got some great deals and bought things on sale, and the main point is, is that I bought things my family needed!  I hope this was informative on things to do and not to do and things to learn from for the future.

I also wanted to tell you that my total OOP was $98.19 (although I spent $22 on dog food and $7 on the oil filter) so really I spent closer to $69 on grocery and personal hygeine items.

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