Saturday, July 23, 2011

Couponing Frustrations

So I was planning my weekend shopping trip for tomorrow and my fiance told me that the double packs of deodorant I bought him were the wrong kind.  They were the gel not the solid...he likes the solid.  So I have 4 deodorants for him that will not be used frequently, luckily I got a deal on them at CVS back in June.  So I had planned to take advantage of the last day of Walgreens sale today and get him 2 Mitchum deodorants...that were the solid stick.  I would've paid $4 and got $4 back in RR, which would help with my shopping trip tomorrow.  So we get to Walgreens and they don't have any of the invisible solid kind but there was a lady stocking that aisle.  So I asked her if she had anymore in the boxes she was putting out and she said she wouldn't know until later...which was frustrating that she wouldn't look. 

So now my Walgreens plan for tomorrow has been changed...well only kind of.  I'll be spending around $1 less but get 2 less products.  Which is a shame but sometimes these things happen.  I could've asked for a raincheck but that wouldn't have extended the RR and would have only got the sale price.  So the deal wouldn't have been so great anymore.

Anyway the point of my little rant is to say that sometimes we just have to deal and come up with a new plan.  There will always be thrown in the way of our couponing and so we have to adjust and move on.  The deal may come again in the near  never know!

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