Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to get additional coupons for the products you LOVE!

Have you ever wanted to try a new product, but didn't want to pay retail for it, especially if you didn't like the product?  Or maybe you have a favorite product that you love to buy but can never find coupons for it.  Well here is what you need to do.  EMAIL THEM!  Yes, it is that easy.  Go to the company's website and find the "contact us" link and send them an email.  All you need to tell them is how much you like their product(s) and that you would love to receive some coupons, or tell them that you would like to try their product for the first time and would like to receive some coupons.  Companies are always wanting consumers to buy their products, and in hopes if you buying the product for the first time they're hoping that you'll continue to buy their product(s).  So to intice you, they usually are very willing to send you product coupons.


I emailed Pedigree (the dog food company) about getting coupons for their dog food.  I told them that during Christmas they offered coupons in the bags of dog food and I really enjoyed that since I buy a 40lb bag of dog food every month.  Well, just me letting them know that I already use their product and like it they sent me coupons!  I receive these in the mail today along with a very nice letter.  I was thrilled!

So like I said, just take a few minutes out of your day and email your favorite company and nicely ask for some coupons.  Some companies may say no, or more like just not send you anything, but most are wanting to get new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more.  If you have any good stories to tell about getting coupons from the Manufacturer themselves please share it with us.  All tips, suggestions, or comments are welcome!

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