Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mall Shopping Trip

Okay so let me say I did GREAT at the mall this weekend.  We don't have these stores where I live and it's a little over an hour drive to get to them, so this will be a montly thing...if I can get a good deal, because if I can't then I won't be shopping!  Haha!  Now I do have to note that if you are a member of my family who will be receiving Christmas gifts from me you may see them below (today or another day) but don't take offense to the low amounts I am should be thrilled that I want to get more for you and spend less.  Plus who doesn't love Bath and Body Works?!  I mean their stuff is great but it's also expensive.  So I spent a little and got a lot.  So I love you all and that's why I do it.  So, now on to the nitty gritty couponing details of my shopping trip.

Bath and Body Works (Spent $10.73 Saved 67%)

Transaction 1: OOP - $10.73

3 - travel size items @ $5 each
   On sale for 3/$10
1 - full size Body Shower Cream
Used my coupon for spend $10 get FREE item
OOP - $10

Transaction 2 : OOP - NOTHING!

1 - travel size Paris Amour lotion @ $3.50
  On sale for $1
Used FB coupon for FREE product (no purchase necessary) expires today

Then I got another 2 coupons in my bag (that you see above). 
The first coupon is for "FREE Gift with Any Signature Collection Purchase ($10 value).  It includes NEW Charmed Life Full-Size Body Lotion & Cosmetic Bag."  Offer valid on August 13 from 11a-4p only!  Now I'm not sure if you are required to buy a full size product to get this deal or if you can buy like a travel size item or one of those anti-bacterial hand soaps (only $1.50!).  So if you can do this you'd really luck out...or even better if you found a clearance item.

The second coupon is for "FREE Signature Collection Item of your choice with ANY purchase of $10 or more (up to $12.50 value)."  Offer valid Aug 15-Sept 6.  So this is the same coupon that I used today...which rocked!  So I will be using it again.

So I also went to Victoria's Secret...but I will not be showing you what I all don't need to see my undergarments...but I will give you details.

1 - PINK Ruched Back Panty @ $8.50
1 - PINK Plunge-Bra @ $36.50
Used Coupon for FREE PINK Panty
Used Coupon for $10 PINK Bra
Used $10 giftcard from Angels received for my birthday
Used $10 giftcard from Angels (that I randomly received in the mail Friday)
OOP - $6.50!!

That was so awesome!  Then I received another coupon in the bag...see above.  This is for if you are a Angel Card holder (which I am!).  You can 1. earn double points on panties in August, 2. you can "Get a FREE Fragrance Mist" with any Angels Card purchase(Aug 8-14), & 3. you can "Take home a FREE Angel Tote" with a $75 Angel Card Purchase (Aug 23-28).

So my favorite is option 2.  This means that you can buy a small lipgloss or something for under $5 and then get a FREE fragrance.  More Christmas presents here I come!  Too bad I won't be able to go back to town during that time frame though :(  Maybe they'll have a great shipping deal online so I can use it.  I doubt it, but a girl can dream.

Hope you all enjoyed my shopping summaries and get motivated to find some great deals yourself!  To get the coupons that I used at Bath and Body Works see my post here and for the Victoria's Secret PINK deals see my post here.

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