Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip 7/24

Okay so I am not going to go into as much detail as I normally do, because I'm frustrated with my trip today.  Part of it my fault, part of it the store/register/not enough employees.  So I'm going to vent for a moment before I show you my Walgreens trip and talk a little bit about my Walmart trip.

So at Walmart they didn't have all the products/prices I thought they would.  I had 2 - $5/1 Bengay coupons and found on other couponing sites that Walmart has Bengay for under $5...well not my Walmart.  We always use Bengay or those type products in my house so I figured what a great deal for something we use on a normal basis.  The second disappointment at Walmart was the Glidden Paint Samples that I had a $2 off coupon.  On another couponing site that I follow it showed that the Glidden Paint Samples should be less than $2 and what better way to paint a small wall shelf than with FREE paint...and with the perfect size.  Well they were actually $2.94 and only had like 5 or 6 different colors, so I guess it wasn't for me anyway.

At Walgreens the guy checking me out couldn't get my Summer's Eve $2/2 coupon to scan so he adjusted the price of one of the one's I was buying.  It was a BOGO FREE sale so by him doing that it was making me pay for 2.  So another lady came up and started my transaction over...and fixed the problem.  But then the Walgreens almonds that I was buying (should have been on sale for BOGO 1/2 off) only rang up for the normal 2/$7 and I was already frustrated that I didn't even try to get them to fix was only $1 difference...but as we all know every dollar counts.  I'm still pleased with the way my Walgreens trip went.

Lastly my Kroger stop.  My fiance is wanting to start eating healthier and as all couponers's hard to get coupons for fresh produce, let alone healthy food anyway.  So we finished shopping and went to check out...1 cashier!  And there was a line.  Well I didn't mind waiting, but the guy over by self checkout pestered us into checking out ourselves.  Well in all of this mess I didn't get my $5 off the purchase of 10 participating items.  I didn't notice this until I got home.  The 2 toothpastes I bought had been excluded from the sale and so I only had 8 items.  Well then I tried to call Kroger to ask if I could come back in and purchase 2 other items and get my $5 off but it kept sending me to the pharmacy!  The phone number in the phonebook was not for the pharmacy!  So that aggravated me even more!  So I went and laid down and decided lesson learn and it wasn't worth it to drive back across these gas prices it probably would've cost me a gallon extra so not worth it.

Okay on to my Walgreens trips (including the one from Friday)

Transaction 1: Friday (Spent $4.42 and got $4RR Saved 43% OOP)

Bought 2 Mitchum Deodorants
Used 2 - $1/1 Coupons found here
OOP - $4 + got $4RR

Transaction 2: Sunday (Spent $4.98 and got $7RR Saved 84% OOP)

2 Scunci Elastics 2/$3
OOP - $3 + got $3 RR

2 Irish Spring Deodorants 2/$6
Used 2 - $1/1 (7/24 SS)
OOP - $4 + got $4 RR

2 Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Creams @ $4.49 each
Used WAGs in-ad coupon for $1.99 (took off $5 for both)
Used 2 - $1.50/1 found here
OOP - $0.98 for both (my favorite purchase!)

Penway Highlighter @ $0.09
 **filler item to use $4 RR from Transaction #1

Transaction #3: Sunday (Spent $2.63 Saved 89% OOP)

2 Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths @ $3.29 each (online price showed $2.99 but what can you do?)
Used $2/2 found here
OOP - $1.29 for both (one of my favorite deals!)

Walgreens Almonds 2/$7 (should have been BOGO 1/2 off --> but I didn't get that deal = upsetting)

2 Penway 1 Subject Notebooks @ $0.29 each

Used the $7 RR from Transaction #2

So all in all in Spent $12.03 (after tax) and Saved 80% ($39.75)

Walmart: Spent $18.01 Saved 33%

2 GV Wheat Bread @ $1.25 each
GV 35pk bottled water @ $3.48 (about $0.10/bottle)
Cheese 16slices @ $1.18
GV Peanut Butter @ $3.84 (we go through a big tub about every 2 weeks)
Sara Lee Bagels @ $2.28 (these are thicker than the refrigerated bagels)
Refrigerated Bagels @ $1.50
Something for $2.28 that I can't figure out the coding for

Jif to go 8pk @ $2.08
FREE product coupon from Target

2 - K-Y Jelly @ $2.62 each
Used 2 - $3/1 coupons (no longer available)
OOP - FREE + $0.76 overage

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