Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip

So, I didn't use a whole lot of coupons this week, but I stayed under my weekly grocery budget so all in all I think it turned out pretty good.  Because I had a prescription to pick up, plus the FREE chocolate bars I did go to Walgreens this week and did a little bit of shopping.  See below!

Stop #1: Walmart (Spent $26.83 Saved 34.5%)

I didn't buy a whole lot at Walmart but I prefer their brand of bread over Kroger's and their bagels are a whole lot cheaper than Kroger.  Plus Walmart excepts FREE product coupons so those are some of the many reasons I do some of my shopping at Walmart.  See below for my deals!

(2) Great Value (GV) breads @ $1 each
(1) GV Mozzerella Shredded cheese (8 cups) @ $8.32 (I don't like spending that much on cheese but Kroger wasn't have a BOGO FREE deal so this ends up being the best deal)
(1) Sara Lee Bagels @ $2.28
(1) Cotton Swabs @ $1.94 (cheapers than GV brand...odd)
(1) Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo @ $2.74
   Used FREE product coupon (here) so FREE!
(1) Noxema Bikini Razor 3pk @ $1.97
   Used $2/1 (7/10 I think) -- FREE plus $0.03 overage (the other Noxema razors it includes would not make for a FREE deal)
(2) Benadryl Anti-Itch Stick @ $2.38 each
   Used 2 - $2/1 coupons (no longer available) -- $0.38 each!
(1) 20lb bag of Pedigree @ $12.97
    Used $4/1 (found in previous bag of dog food)
    OOP - $8.97 + received more coupons in the bag!

Stop #2: Walgreens (Spent $8.24 Saved 79.3%)

So without coupons and sales all those products you see above would have totaled to $35.37!  Would you spend that much on those products?!  Me neither!  One of the many reasons I love couponing!  See my deals below!

(1) Penway 1 Subject Notebook @ $0.39
(5) Papermate Mechanical Pencils 5pk @ $0.19 each
(3) Chicken of the Sea, Pink Salmon @ $1.99 each
   Used in-ad coupon (these usually retail for around $3.50)
(4) Milka Chocolate bars @ 2/$3 (sale)
   Used 4 - $1/1 coupons
   Used $1/2 WAGs IVC (took off $2)
   OOP - FREE 4 candy bars (see here for how to get this deal)

Stop #3: Kroger (Spent $27.78 Saved 46%)

So I bought more than I intended to this week, but sometimes great deals just fall into your lap.  I was looking for some kind of snack food and found pringles (which I had a coupon for) and it was a part of the buy 10 participating items and get $5 off...well I already had 10 so I went for 20 items instead!  See deals below!

Red Bell Pepper
1 dozen eggs @ $1.63
Kroger Milk @ $1.99
Kroger Sliced Cheese 24 slices @ $2.99 (I hate how expensive cheese is!)
Kroger Paper Towels 3ct, @ $1.89 ($0.63/roll)
Black Beans @ $0.69
Chili Beans @ $0.69
Diced Tomatoes @ $0.69
** the following are buy 10 participating items and take $5 off -- I have shown the price after the $5 off
(3) Pringles @ $0.99 each
   Used $1/3 coupon
(3) SunnyD @ $0.99 each
(4) Diet Lipton Green Teas @ $0.49 each
   Used 2 - BOGO FREE coupons (found on their FB longer available)
(8) Propels @ $0.49 each
(1) Tombstone Pizza @ $2.79 each
(1) Colgate Toothpaste 6.4 oz @ $0.99
    Used $0.50/1 (7/10 I think) -- Kroger doubled to cost
    OOP - FREE

*I've been having issues with trying to get this post to actually post!  I have re-written it twice, sigh!

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