Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nielsen National Consumer Panelist

I have recently joined the Nielsen National Consumer Panelist team.  They mailed me a scanner and all I have to do is scan my purchases every week and input prices.  By doing this I earn points which will in the future earn me rewards.  I have only had the scanner for a week so I'm  not sure how many points I earn for every time I make a purchase but I have seen other people's posts about this group and they have been able to earn 3 nice items (grittle, Shark steam mop, and coffee maker)  in only a year and half.  So I joined, and if I don't like it then they say all I have to do is return the scanner and that's that.  So if you're interested in doing something like this to try and earn products for your home then head on over here and register to see if you're accepted.  The only thing is, they may not be looking for people in all areas so you'll just have to try your luck.  Good luck and happy scanning!

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