Saturday, August 6, 2011

Petsmart Purchase 8/6

Okay so I just got back from Petsmart.  I was planning on buying more, but they didn't have what I needed so I only got what you see in the photo.  My total should have been $11.90 but I only spent $0.52 before tax!  That's a savings of 96% woohoo!  Okay so here is how I did it:

9 - Nylabone Cranberry single bones @ $0.99 each
   On clearance for $0.57 each
   Used $1.50/1 Nylabone edible (not sure which newspaper)
   and Used 2 - $2/1 Nylabone edible coupons, expire 8/15/11 found here
OOP - FREE + $0.37 overage

1 - Nylabone non-edible puppy chew @ $2.99
   On sale for $2.39
   Used $1.50/1 Nylabone non-edible chew (not sure which newspaper)
OOP - $0.89

Then on my receipt I got a $3 back coupon that I just have to fill a survey out for!  Woohoo!  I call that a success!

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