Saturday, August 20, 2011

Walmart Shopping Trip 8/20

So, last week I bought 2 Tony's pizzas that had a $5/1 haircut coupon for SmartStyle at Walmart.  So, I went there there this morning to get my haircut and pick up a few items.  Well they didn't open until 10am because they are short on staff so I went and did my shopping and see what I got below.  Unfortunately I never got my hair cut today, so hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow!

Walmart (Spent $1.44 Saved 72%)

Tide Single $0.97
  Used $1/1 (7/31 PG)
Cascade trial $0.97
  Used $1/1 (7/31 PG)
Nature's Own Whole Wheat Bread on sale $1.98
  Used $0.75/1
OOP - $1.17 plus tax

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