Sunday, October 2, 2011

Walgreens - Cepacol deal

Okay, so I stated in my Weekly Shopping Trip that the Cepacol "Sugar-Free" does not print a RR.  Well I just called WAGs Corporate and the lady I spoke with told me that the ad does not exclude the "sugar-free" so that it should be included and print the RR.  She told me that recently WAGs has been having issues with certain items not triggering the RR to print.  If I (or any other customer) is to have this issue when buying the Cepacol "sugar-free" to talk to a manager and if they're not around or doesn't know how to help, then hang on to your recent and call WAGs corporate (1-800-925-4733) and after giving them all of your info, they will mail you your RR.  She told me that she would send this issue up to management and have them hopefully resolve it.  So if you want to purchase the "sugar-free" you may want to wait a few days (although they may be gone by then).  But this is great that WAGs is trying to help fix these issues and willing to help customers out when the manager can't resolve it in the store.  After all the issues I've had with my local WAGs this definitely makes up for a little bit of that.

**Don't forget you can also get rainchecks at WAGs for items that they are out of...BUT if you go back to purchase the item after the sale is over the RR is no longer applicable.  The raincheck does not include RR's, just the sale price.

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