Friday, November 4, 2011

BzzAgent: Maybelline

So, I am a BzzAgent, which is where I can try different products for FREE and then I talk about them with friends, and on my blog, and on FB and what not.  Well I joined not to long ago to see if it was worth it.  Well I finally got asked to join my first "Campaign" as they're called and it was for Maybelline Baby Lips and Lots of Lashes.  Well I got my FREE sample in the mail today (took a little over a week I think) and I got 5 FREE samples of mascara and 5 FREE full size samples of the Baby Lips (different "flavors").  Well the deal is, I am now supposed to talk about these products and say what I like and/or don't like about them.  Also, that means I have 4 extra of each to give out to friends/family for ya'll to try as well.  So my plan is to get them passed out this week and if you are a lucky one who gets to try this out, you will have to let me know what you think!  I will post sometime next week, after I have had a chance to try the product out for a few days, and write my response to the products.  I have always been a fan of Maybelline mascara, so we'll see how it goes!  It says I was supposed to get coupons to pass out, but I'm wondering if I got the extra samples in place of the coupons?  Who knows, but who doesn't love FREE samples!

**If you're interested in joining and becoming a BzzAgent then head on over here and sign up.  When you first start out you'll have to fill out a whole bunch of surveys so they can get an idea of which "Campaigns" to invite you too.  So check it out if you like trying out new products and talking about new products!

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