Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly Shopping Trip 11/13

Well, overall this week I was pretty happy with my shopping trip.  Unfortunately, my newspaper did not come with the General Mills coupon insert, which I was really hoping to get the cookie mix coupon out of.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Anyway, this week I just shopped at Kroger and Walmart, I was pressed for time and didn't really need anything from Walgreens.  The one thing I did need I just price matched at Walmart.  I spent a total of $46.38 this week and that included buying coffee for $6.49 and I also got 2 dessert mixes for my wedding ($$1.19 and $0.74), so I feel like this trip was a total success.  You will notice that I did not buy any meat this week, due to my freezer having pork loin, ground beef, and tilapia already in it.  So I spent a little less than usual.  Also, I did stock up on more canned goods which will hopefully last a couple of weeks.  Remember, the best time to stock up on items is when they're at their lowest price.  I was able to get 10 cans of Cream of Mushroom/Chicken for $0.29 a can.  That's a great price and they'll last my family a while.  So remember, stock up when you're getting the best bang for your buck!  Okay, on to the shopping trips.

Stop 1: Kroger (Spent $25.86 Saved 47%)

Kroger Eggs @ $1.83 (on sale)
(1) Driscoll Raspberries @ 2/$4 (on sale)
Skim Milk 1/2 gallon @ $1.79 (on sale)
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix @ $1.99 (on sale) -- wedding
  Used $0.40/1 (nla) -- doubled
**The following items were part of buy 10 get $5 off -- price shown after $5
Kroger Coffee @ $6.49
(2) Kroger Sliced Cheese @ $1.49 each
(4) Del Monte Veggies @ $0.49 each
(3) Del Monte Tomatoes @ $0.79 each
(5) Campbell's Cream of Chicken @ $0.49 each
  Used $1/5 found here
(5) Campbell's Cream of Mushroom @ $0.49 each
  Used $1/5 found here
OOP - $24.01

Stop 2: Walmart (Spent $20.52 Saved 34%)

Allergy Medicine @ $4 (generic version)
Sara Lee Bagels @ $2.28
(2) Wheat Bread @ $1.25 each
Duncan Hines Cake @ $1.24
  Used $0.50/1 (11/7)
(2) Lucky Leaf Pie Fillings @ $2 & $2.38
  Used $1/2 (11/7)
(3) Peter Pan Peanut Butter Natural Crunchy @ $2.08 each (prices have started to risen)
  Used $1.50/3 posted previously here
(4) Idahoan Potatoes @ $0.98 each
  Used 4 - $1/1 posted previously here
French's Fried Onions @ $1.50 (ad matched to Walgreens)
  Used $0.50/1 (11/7)
Tai Pei Single Serve @ $1.97 (on sale)
  Used FREE coupon from Manufacturer
OOP - $18.56

** Rumor is that the price of peanut butter will be going up due to the low peanut crops this year.  I noticed that my Walmart had it priced at $2.08 compared to the $1.78 I had originally posted.  Make sure to be looking for those sales and stock up, especially if your family goes through a lot of peanut butter.  Also, I recently found out from my mom, that the milk prices in my area are a lot higher than her's in IL.  When milk is not on sale you can get 1/2 gallon of the store brand for $1.99 and a gallon for $3.98.  From what she tells me, there gallon of milk is closer to $3!  That's a major difference!  So if you have a store that does "Manger's Specials" then be on the lookout for milk.  My Kroger has had milk on Manager's Special recently...just not the skim milk that we drink :(

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