Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coupon Train??

So I've been reading this couponing book by Teri Gault, the founder of The Grocery Game.  I just started "participating" in The Grocery Game, as there is a 4-week FREE trial.  I haven't decided if I will continue, which is why I have not mentioned it yet.  Anyway, back on topic, I've been reading this book by Teri Gault called "Shop Smart, Save More" and it's been great.  It talks about the basics of couponing, how to stockpile, and how long things should be stockpiled and so on.  I'm about halfway through and just read about this thing called the coupon train.  "What in the world is a coupon train?!" you might be asking.  Well, a coupon train is where a group of people (from across the country or locally) mail coupons to one another.  There would be one person (person "A") who would send out the first set of coupons (say 10 coupons) to the next person (person "B") in the line, and then person B would take out any coupons that he/she needs and then add more coupons to the envelope and send it on to person C.  This continues on and once it reaches the last person it gets mailed back to person A.  Follow?

person A --> person B --> C --> D --> E --> F --> A --> B --> etc...

So, as each person gets the envelope with the coupons, then he/she takes what he/she needs and then adds to it with the coupons that he/she doesn't need and then sends it on to the next person in line.  What a great idea?!

The "Rules"

  • Only keep the envelope for 2-3 days (that way the coupons make it around before they expire)
  • Remove any expired coupons
  • Add at least as many coupons as you take
  • Have fun while saving!
So, who doesn't love to receive mail, especially when it's not bills?!  So, if you're interested in starting a Coupon Train with me, let me know!  No need for us to live nearby, that just means there might be a little variety in coupons!

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