Monday, January 30, 2012

Coupon Sites

You all know that when I first started this blog that my intentions were to post weekly store deals.  Well, between work, making dinner, and well sleep...that didn't last too long.  It took a lot of time to do, and a lot of the time I couldn't get ads up (like Kroger) until the weekend...when there was only a few days left of the ad.  Well, I decided that it was best for me not to attempt to do those anymore, and instead just post the best deals I could, when I could.

Before I became a die hard grocery couponer, I was already a die hard deal finder.  I never liked buying anything without searching for the best place, with the best deal, and always used RetailMeNot for coupon codes for my online purchases.

Now, not only am I couponing at the grocery stores, but I also am a member of NCP (where I scan my groceries and earn points toward rewards) and a member of BzzAgent (where I try products and write reviews).  Well, I have been approached by to talk about their site, and I said sure!  So, my plan is to check out the site, see how easy it is to use, what type coupons they have, and then report back to you all.  So I hope ya'll will be interested in this site, and will check out my review...that I plan to post tomorrow.  So keep your eyes peeled.

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