Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Who doesn't love a good pair of high heels?!  Well, I certainly do, BUT I have extremely narrow and bony feet that make it super difficult to find high heels that fit and are comfortable.  They're either to wide throughout the shoe, the heel is too wide, the back is digging into my heel, toes feel like they're scrunched (and not because they're too small in size), or they're too big through the straps.  So I went to Rack Room Shoes with my fiance to find me a pair of light tan or nude colored shoes.  Well as you can see from my picture I came home with black and grey heels.  Maybe next time...although now I'm not sure what I'll wear for Easter...but that'll be for a different day.  Anyway, I spent $26.94 and saved 69% PLUS I filled out a survey for a coupon on my next purchase!  So here's how I did it:

Black Pair @ $23.99 (clearance)
Grey Pair @ $7.99 (clearance)
+BOGO half off (so -$3.99)
+10% off (so -$2.80)
OOP - $25.18 + tax + coupon

I thought I got a pretty great deal...although I wish the nude ones (which were $39.99!) would've fit better...but it's probably better that they didn't.  The coupon I received is good for $5 off my next $40 purchase...which means the nude shoes I liked are $0.01 not enough...although they may let me use it...who knows!

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