Wednesday, April 11, 2012

BzzAgent: Live Below the Line

Live Below The Line

I have joined a new BzzAgent Campaign called Live Below the Line.  This is not an ordinary campaign as I am not testing a product, instead I am raising awareness to the poverty that lies in America and other countries around the world.  Between May 7th and 11th I will live on $1.50/day ($7.50 for 5 days) to eat and drink...which means $1.50 for 3 meals and any snacks.  So I've done some figuring (including the tax in my area) and I will be able to buy 2 loaves of bread @ $0.98 each, peanut butter @ $3, fruit @ $2, and water which will equal $7.45.  So my meals will all be the same, but for 5 days it is worth it if I can show others that this is a growing problem around the world, and that if we just donate a little to help, it can really help.

So, if you're interested, I am supporting UNICEF throughout all of this, and if you would like to donate please click on my link here and you can donate directly through the Live Below the Line organization. Please see my video about it below!


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