Friday, April 13, 2012

New Balance: Product Testers Needed

Do you work out, play a sport, hike, run, etc?  Well, if you do any of these things and wear tennis shoes, then you may want to apply to become a New Balance Product Tester.  If you are selected, New Balance will send you a pair of shoes to try out for a few weeks and then you'll get to share your opinion on what you liked and disliked.  You will have to return the shoes though so that they can see how the shoes wore as you were wearing them.  Adults and kids can apply, just go here to sign up.  They also have apparel testing as well!

Note:  It does take a while to fill out the information survey, and you will need to know the size shoe you wear and what the Brannock device states your shoes size is.  You can either go to a shoe store to find this out, or head here to print one!  Also, you will need to know other body measurements if you apply to test out the apparel as well!

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