Sunday, May 6, 2012

Live Below the Line: Starts tomorrow!

Live Below The Line

Live Below the Line starts tomorrow.  A few weeks (here) ago I told you all that I was participating in this project to help raise awareness to poverty and to raise money for UNICEF.  I will be eating on $1.50/day (or $7.50 for Monday through Friday).  That's $0.50/meal...not much.  So below is the list of my groceries that I have purchased and the cost of each:

Bread $0.99
Eggs $1.77
Peanut Butter $1.50
Spaghetti $1
Spaghetti Sauce $0.89
Mashed Potatoes $0.60
Sunny D $0.44
Total = $7.19

So the plan is to eat toast and eggs for breakfast, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, and spaghetti with mashed potatoes at dinner.  I do have Sunny D for a drink as well.  So this does not provide a lot of variety, but as you can imagine it's hard to eat on $1.50/day.  If I had rounded up a crew of folks we could have pulled our money together and bought a larger variety and shared meals together.  Either way, this is not a lot of money to live on each day and 1.4 billion people do it everyday.  So for a simple 5 days this will be worth it if it'll help raise awareness.  So please check out my video below and if you are interested in donating then please do so here!

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