Sunday, June 10, 2012

ExpoTV: Review Products and Earn Prizes

Welcome to ExpoTV

So I've talked about ExpoTV before and I thought I'd give a little update.  I joined ExpoTV in April and haven't been very diligent at it, until I realized what type "prizes" I could get from reviewing products.  So when I review products (that currently have points) I earn anywhere from 300-500 (or sometimes more) points for just reviewing a product.  That may not sound like a lot BUT 600 points gets me a $5 Amazon eGift Card!  That's amazing.  Especially since I love Amazon.  There are other Gift Cards you can opt for or you can get actual items based on the amount of points you have earned.  So I have completed 10 video reviews (as of just a bit ago) and have earned 5795 points (1020 of these are pending).  That means I have enough for $45 in Amazon eGift Cards!  That's amazing.  My pending points will get officially added after one week after completely the video review, or survey.  So if you weren't sure about whether or not it was worth it to join, then see if my rewards are worth it enough!

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